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COLOROTHON - Draw Your Imagination is a concept, a concept that is curiously creative, because it encapsulates something that is so fundamental, something that comes naturally to us. Over the years, we have succumbed to the systemic barriers, which stifle expression, choke creativity and prohibit imagination - we should be grateful if we can still ‘imagine’.No one ever had to teach us how to imagine, we just do. Then why do we need to be taught to put that imagination on paper? We have had enough inputs over the years to tell us what we should imagine, but most of these inputs have taught us to unlearn imagination; that we cannot afford - the capability to imagine, makes us human. There are no should(s) in imagination, you just imagine.

COLOROTHON is an initiative that will try to rekindle the lost joy of drawing & painting in your. A platform, deftly created for people to pick up a pencil/colors/ paint brush/chalk and express themselves - drawing their imagination along with thousand of fellow art lovers, curators, first time expressionists, artists and art admirers and paint to their heart's elation!

A blank canvas is both intimidating and inviting. Place this canvas with a box of colors and imagine - draw what you imagine – let your consciousness acquire some shape, form and color.

Trust yourself, you really can draw your imagination - and we invite you to do just that! And let’s do that together - out in the greens, under the pretty sky blue – an opportunity to connect with nature, to connect with yourself and to connect with everyone around you. All you have to do is imagine and let it flow.

Witness that which has never been seen before… When was the last time you saw a (street) child draw with other children who go to the school? When we say everyone comes and draws, we mean everyone. Everyone - from 3 to 90 years come together at the World of Imagination and Expressions to pour the heART-out.

This concept goes beyond linguistic, regional, religious and geographical barriers. Anyone can be a part of Colorothon. It started in Bangalore, colored Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and it’s coming to Delhi again; later it is going to other cities in the nation and then beyond those borders to celebrate colored togetherness.

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